Our Team

We have a strong belief that excellent urological care is best delivered by a team of complementary specialists, supported by a dedicated and caring team of nursing and administrative staff.

Our Nursing Staff

The Urology Partnership has a team of 3 specialist urology nurses, a specialist health care assistant, and a specialist physiotherapist.

Our Consultant Urological Surgeons work alongside our experienced team of Nurses to deliver the following urological investigations:

  • All out-patient consultations
  • Urinary flow assessment & Post micturition bladder volume scan assessment
  • Urine analysis & Urine microscopy and culture
  • Blood tests (incl. PSA, PCA)
  • Urine Cytology / NMP 22
  • 24 hour urine collections for stone formers
  • Ultrasound Scanning by Consultant Uro-Radiologist
  • Flexible Cystoscopy & endoscopic stent removal
  • Trial Without Catheter, TWOC
  • Intermittent self catheterisation, ISC and other catheter related problems
  • Intravesical Bladder Instillations (BCG, Mitomycin, iAluril, Cystistat)
  • Vasectomies & other local anaesthetic procedures
  • Targeted TRUS & Prostatic Biopsies (after multiparametric MRI scanning)
  • Intravesical Botox injections for Detrusor Overactivity
  • Urodynamic Bladder Studies

Many of these tests can be performed on the same day as the initial consultation.

Our Administration Team

We also have a practice manager, two highly experienced medical secretaries and two receptionists, as well as a highly experienced billing / finance team on hand to guide you through the nuances of medical insurance.


Our team of nurses and support staff can help answer your questions or assist with arranging your appointment.

friendly receptionist at The Urology Partnership