Our Fees


Face-to-face Consultation

New patient Consultation:    £250    (Harley Street £250)

Follow up Consultation:        £175   (Harley Street  £195)

Zoom Consultation

New Zoom Consultation:    £195

Follow up Zoom Consultation:    £140

Telephone Consultation

New Telephone Consultation:   £165

Follow up Telephone Consultation:    £60 per 10 mins / £120 per 20 mins

Please note:

These fees apply to face to face and remote consultations.

The consultation fees above are only applicable to self-pay patients. Where consultation costs are being covered by health insurance the rates may vary and applicable agreed fees will be charged to the insurance company.

In general, our fees for consultations reflect the charges made locally by most consultants in their private practice.

We ideally like to see patients with a letter of referral from either a General Practitioner or another consultant.

Fixed Price Quotes / Self-funding Costs

(includes Consultant fees & Clinic fees)

Supervised removal of Urethral catheter (TWOC):   £192

Urinary Flow Rate Assessment and interpretation:   £105

Post void residual volume bladder scan:   £61

Flexible Cystoscopy (with or without stent removal):   £900

Instillation of therapeutic treatment into the bladder:   £486

Urodynamics assessment of the bladder:   £790

Vasectomy under local anaesthetic, including 1 semen sample analysis:   £975

Prostate Biopsy XR110:   £920

Prostate Biopsy M6582 (trans perineal):   £1750

Prostate Ultrasound Scan (XR110):   £100

Prostate MRI Screening Package (MRI scan and clinic appointment):   £850

Shockwave lithotripsy for renal tract stone fragmentation (single session):   £202 (Consultant fee only)

Therapeutic injections into bladder neck for treatment of stress incontinence (periurethral bulking agents) inc. cystoscopy  e.g. Deflux, Botox  Includes supply of 100 units Botox:   £1766

For any other procedure cost please contact our Finance Manager on 0118 9207040 or if you have any questions about self funding.


Reports can be requested by many people, for example, your insurance company. We will always need written authorisation from you before releasing any information to a third party and we also ask for payment in advance from whomever requests the information.

Reports provided to your health insurance provider as part of your treatment do not attract any fee.

Reports provided for third parties attract a minimum fee of £52.50

Medico-legal Work

Instructions for medico-legal work usually come to us via a solicitor or a company acting for the patient, perhaps as part of a personal injury claim. As the work is usually complicated and time-consuming it attracts an increased scale of fees which will be agreed with the instructing company prior to the work being undertaken. We do not take on medical negligence cases or provide home visits.


All procedures are graded according to their complexity and charges are based upon this and the expected time that a procedure will take to carry out. A guide price for any procedure or course of treatment that you may have to consider can always be provided. Our Price List shows our charges for the most common procedures we carry out.

We have based our fees on the BUPA reimbursement scale plus an uplift of 15%. This is done to cover our expenses and outgoings and we consider that this represents a fair charge for the work we do.

If you are insured with AXA or BUPA you should contact us directly as fees for their policy holders are different to our usual scale of charges.

Multiple procedures

If you have two or more procedures carried out at the same time, the fee charged for two procedures is calculated as follows:

100% of the most complex fee

50% of the secondary fee

Should your case be complicated and/or your consultant recommend more than two procedures at any one time we will negotiate with the separate insurance company involved for an appropriate uplift.  You will always need to make first contact with them to confirm that you are planning to have an operation.


Our team of nurses and support staff can help answer your questions or assist with arranging your appointment.

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