Circumcision is a surgical procedure carried out under local anaesthetic to permanently remove the foreskin from the tip of the penis.

About circumcision under local anaesthetic

Why local anaesthetic?

  • Simple operation 30-45 mins
  • The penis is an excellent location to block with local anaesthetic (LA)
  • Avoid the risks associated with general anaesthetic (GA)
  • Can be done in a outpatient clinic therefore avoiding a hospital visit
  • Quick recovery as no GA side effects
  • Less expense (no hospital/anaesthetist fees)


  • Similar to having an injection at the dentists
  • 3 injections given at the base of the penis (<1 minute)
  • The penis is usually numb with 5 minutes
  • Sensation assessed by the surgeon before starting the operation
  • More LA can be added during the operation if discomfort is felt
  • Rarely the LA block doesn’t work and the operation will be rescheduled under GA on another day (1 in 150 cases)

Circumcision Procedure

The process.

  • Seen in clinic by a consultant urologist (PH)
  • History and examination
  • Treatment options discussed (conservative/surgical)
  • Information leaflets and consent forms given and a cooling offer period

What happens on the day of surgery?

  • An hour long appointment in a dedicated clinic
  • Consent process completed and post operative written information is given with contact numbers
  • LA given by the surgeon (<1 minute)
  • Circumcision performed in outpatient theatre
  • Foreskin sent for histological review (looked at down a microscope)
  • Home after 30 minutes rest in the waiting area with a pressure bandage (to be removed at home 2-3 hours later)
  • Review by the consultant 2-3 weeks post operatively

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