Recurrent UTIs

Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are becoming an increasing problem, and can lead to debilitating urinary symptoms if left untreated.

Overview of Recurrent UTIs

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common infections worldwide, with disproportionally more women suffering this condition than men. Over 50% of all women will have one infection in their lifetime, of which 20% go on to develop recurrent infections.

Patients suffering recurrent infections are often left on an endless cycle of repeated antibiotics courses, which can then lead onto the bacteria developing resistance to the treatment, causing these antibiotics to rapidly stop working.

Our Consultant Urologists at the Urology Partnership specialise in the diagnosis, investigation, acute management and long-term prevention of recurrent UTIs. Working alongside our specialist nursing team they offer a comprehensive and dedicated service for men and women suffering from bladder infections.

Diagnosing Recurrent UTIs

Your specialist will take a thorough history and explore your infections. We also offer a comprehensive set of specialized tests including:

  • Urine flowmetry analysis
  • Post micturition bladder volume scan assessment
  • Urine analysis
  • Urine microscopy and culture
  • Cytology urine tests to exclude cancer
  • Renal tract and abdominal ultrasound scan by Consultant Radiologist
  • Cystoscopic assessment of the bladder

For your convenience, these tests can often be performed on the same day in our state-of-the-art diagnostic clinic in order to expedite your treatment and care.

Treatments for Recurrent UTIs

At the Urology Partnership, we are proud to be able to offer a comprehensive set of treatments, including options which avoid using antibiotics.

Our specialists are world renowned for their research into this field and have pioneered cutting edge treatments for this debilitating disease, including the UTI vaccine MV140 Uromune®.

Doctors discover breakthrough vaccine which could spell the end to painful UTIs

They have been invited to present and publish their research in many prestigious medical journals and conferences worldwide and are the lead editors for the medical textbook on Female Urinary Tract Infections.

UTI preventing lifestyle

Increasingly scientific research has shown lifestyle modifications, even by itself, can dramatically reduce the rates of recurrent UTIs in patients by up to 50%. Adopting these changes can also improve your general wellbeing, prevent other serious diseases and most importantly, has minimal side effects.

Here at the Urology Partnership, our specialist team are experienced in performing a thorough assessment of your UTI lifestyle. From this, they will formulate and take you through a comprehensive plan on areas for improvements, ranging from hydration therapies to urinating positions and oral herbal supplementary remedies.

Intravesical UTI therapies

One reason many people suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections is because of a breakdown in the inner lining of the bladder (called the GAG layer), which usually stops harmful bacteria sticking to the bladder. A break in this layer means small amounts of bacteria can stick on the bladder to invade and cause an infection.

Here at the Urology Partnership, we offer a well-established treatment which replenishes this protective layer, as well as calms any inflammation in the bladder.

Over a course of 6 weeks, a special liquid cocktail is installed into the bladder by our specialist nurse or the patient themselves, followed by a monthly course for six months.

Scientific studies have found that this treatment is effective for up to 70% of patients with recurrent infections, increasing bladder comfort and reducing infections.

This therapy is performed in the comfort of our treatment clinic rooms and requires no general anaesthetic or needles. It has been used for many years now both in the Urology Partnership and on the NHS and has been very well tolerated with minimal discomfort or side effects seen.

UTI vaccines – Uromune® MV140

Our specialists were the first in the UK to treat patients with a new clinically proven vaccine for UTIs and is heavily involved in the international clinical trials for this treatment.

Uromune® MV140 is an under-the-tongue spray which is composed of 4 inactivated versions of the most common UTI causing bacteria. When used once a day for 3 months, it has been found to prevent recurrent UTIs in up to 78% – 90% of women who use it.

It works by activating and boosting the body’s own immune system, teaching the patient’s own immune cells how to fight against the bacteria, so that later on when the patient is actually infected, the immune cells can rapidly mount a strong immune response, removing the infection from the body before the onset of any symptoms or the need to use any antibiotics.

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